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Istanbul Institute for Advanced Studies seek to create a platform that promotes discussion of social, political, and economic issues. With the involvement of experts, academics, and relevant social groups, we propose solutions to these problems. To conduct research and develop policies in various fields of social, political, and economic sciences at the national and international levels. We aim to support and encourage activities that align with these objectives. 

To develop projects that promote social responsibility and address issues such as poverty and inequality for the social good. Additionally, to coordinate public programs that will raise social awareness at a wide level. To advance and direct the generation of knowledge on both domestic and global topics, we conduct research on worldwide issues like warfare, ecological catastrophes, energy shortages, starvation, destitution, democratization, technology and democracy, healthcare policies, economic policies, human rights, education, women's studies, migration studies and disparity. We do so across the fields of economics, international relations, political science, law, business administration, communication and information technology. Additionally, we collaborate with foreign partners on joint projects in order to put forward policy recommendations concerning such issues. When feasible, collaborate with domestic and foreign non-governmental organizations, local governments, and universities to pinpoint areas for joint work, develop joint projects and collaborations in line with the goal of scientific production and social benefit, and promote knowledge and experience sharing between different institutions and organizations. To encourage experts, academics, and students working in diverse fields of social sciences to contribute to their professional growth and provide scientific, economic, and technical assistance, facilitate curiosity-driven information seeking without considering its immediate usefulness or the possibility of attaining predetermined objectives. Also, establish physical research centers to benefit social science researchers and aid graduate researchers. To encourage and support innovative research in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, we equip researchers with the necessary tools to design and manage ambitious, interdisciplinary projects that significantly contribute to knowledge and bring about effective social change.


Our goal is to support researchers who experiment with creative forms of communication, explore inclusive collaboration with a diverse range of practitioners and participants, and engage new audiences worldwide.

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