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What We Stand For

Through our core values, we strive to promote the advancement of principles that are significant to the social sciences, with the aim of creating a purposeful and enduring effect in various fields including global peace, international law, democratization, migration studies, income inequality, and environmentally sustainable economic practices. We seek to champion fair economic policies and foster the creation of an inclusive society that values the welfare and equal prospects of all individuals. 

Our Values

  • Research Oriented: As the Institute, we focus on research that reflects positively on political choices by applying scientific methodology to economic and political processes and disseminating research processes that provide scientific explanations to social problems in the fields of migration, inequality and green economy. 

  • Independent and Impartial: In all of our research, we attach vital importance to independence and equal distance to all political/social/civil/public actors in order to reveal the scientific reality in all aspects. We are committed to revealing only accurate information based on scientific reality at every stage of the processes of bringing the outputs of our research to the literature and sharing them with society. 

  • Progress and Development: We believe that short-term goals and political interests should be abandoned in favor of sustainable growth and development that will ensure social welfare and balanced benefits for all. 

  • Awareness and Empowerment: We recognize that informing and empowering civil society on various issues of concern to them is key to building a sustainable political-economic system for development. Accordingly, we contribute to raising public awareness by disseminating our research findings to a wide audience. 

  • Convergence: Considering the importance of knowledge transfer in building an empowered civil society, we assume a role in shortening the distance between academia and civil society. By acting as a bridge between civil society and academia, we contribute to increasing the social benefit of academic knowledge.

  • Democratization and Emancipation: We believe in the power of a participatory, deliberative and egalitarian democratic system. We support the creation of an inclusive system by emphasizing the importance of fundamental rights and freedoms.

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