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Istanbul Institute for Advanced Studies

Through our mission, vision, and core values, we aspire to create a significant and enduring influence on human rights, democratization, global peace, freedoms, migration research, income inequality, and the green economy. We strive to advocate for economic justice while promoting values that cultivate a society that values equal opportunity and well-being for all people.


The Institute's primary mission is to conduct research and develope policies in various disciplines of social, political, and economic and humanities sciences at the national/international levels, as well as to support and promote other activities in this direction. To establish a forum for the discussion of social, political, and economic issues and to propose solutions with the participation of experts, academics, and relevant social segments. To develop social responsibility projects on poverty, inequality, rights and freedoms and similar issues for social benefit, to organize public programs that will reach a large audience to increase social sensitivity at this level, and to facilitate the dissemination of information through workshops, conferences, and publications.


To be an innovative, creative, leading foundation that protects ethical values by providing information to society, producing accurate information, and enlightening our stakeholders through meetings, seminars, and projects with a democratic and autonomous administration. To contribute to and guide the production of knowledge on international issues, within this framework, by conducting research on global problems such as wars, environmental disasters, energy crises, hunger, poverty, democratization, technology and democracy, health policies, economic policies, human rights, education, women's studies, migration studies, freedoms and inequality under the disciplines of economics, international relations, political sciences and international law, to carry out joint projects with foreign stakeholders and to offer policy recommendations on such problems.

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