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About Us

Mission & Vision

The Istanbul Institute for Advanced Studies is a non-governmental organization that conducts research in various fields of social, political, and economic social and human sciences at a national and international level, develops policies, and supports and encourages other activities in this direction.

Our Story

...We aspire to create a significant and enduring influence on human rights, democratization, global peace, freedoms, income inequality, and the green economy. We strive to advocate for economic justice while promoting values that cultivate a society that values equal opportunity and well-being for all people.

What We Stand For

Our team consists of a 7 board members. While conducting its activities, the association prefers green solutions that will preserve the ecological balance, acts in a way that takes gender equality into account, and selects the people it works with based solely on their abilities, without discrimination of race, religion and gender.

Meet the Team

...we strive to promote the advancement of principles that are significant to the social sciences, with the aim of creating a purposeful and enduring effect in various fields including global peace, international law, democratization, migration studies, income inequality, and environmentally sustainable economic practices.

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