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Istanbul Institute for Advanced Studies

The Istanbul Institute for Advanced Studies is a non-governmental organization that conducts research in various fields of social, political, and economic social and human sciences at a national and international level, develops policies, and supports and encourages other activities in this direction. Since its inception, it has endeavored to establish a forum for the discussion of social, political, and economic issues, and to propose solutions to these issues with the participation of experts, academics, and pertinent social segments. The institute continues to develop social responsibility initiatives on poverty, inequality, and related issues for social benefit and organizes public programs that will reach a large audience in order to raise social awareness. In this context, the association conducts research on global issues such as conflicts, environmental disasters, energy crises, hunger, poverty, democratization, technology and democracy, health policies, economic policies, human rights, education, women's studies, migration studies, freedoms and inequality. It seeks, when necessary, to identify areas of joint work with domestic and international non-governmental organizations, local governments, and universities, to develop joint projects and collaborations in line with the goals of scientific production and social benefit, and thus to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience between institutions and organizations. It encourages professionals, academics, and students working in various social science disciplines, contributes to their professional development, and provides scientific, economic, and technical support. To encourage and support research innovation in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, to equip researchers to design and manage ambitious, interdisciplinary projects that make significant contributions to knowledge and effect effective social change, and to support research that experiments with creative forms of communication, explores forms of inclusive collaboration with a wide range of practitioners and participants, and engages with new publics around the world.

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