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Rivalry and Cooperation in South Caucasus: Prospects and Challenges

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

October 20th, 2023

IST-IAS team presents papers as part of a roundtable on the South Caucasus at INTPOLSEC International Security Congress 2023

With the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the Caucasus has become a region that has long been characterized by instability. To accurately assess the internal dynamics of the region, it is imperative to consider regional and sub-regional balances. In the South Caucasus inter-state conflict emerges as much a determining factor as separatist movements. The recent conflicts between Russia and Georgia in 2008, and Azerbaijan and Armenia in 2022 have changed the overall balance in the South Caucasus. Paradoxically, the emerging balances and mushrooming order also open avenues for regional cooperation. That is to say, the possibilities of new regional cooperation in the post-conflict period have come to the fore after consecutive regional conflicts. In this context, cooperation between Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Turkey is of vital importance. Especially the peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan after 2022 has changed the balance and opened a window of opportunity for new cooperation.

The prospect of peace and co-existence, as well as challenges and opportunities, in the South Caucasus will be discussed in an in-depth way at the workshop. To this end, the workshop focuses on three sets of issues: a) fostering diplomatic, military, and political relations in the region and exploring opportunities for conflict resolution b) analyzing opportunities for cooperation among the regional countries in the fields of economy, energy, and logistics c) shining a spotlight on the common culture and history in the region.


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